Second week of the school year.

This week I mainly worked on JavaScript on Khan Academy and learning more about it here and there. Was definitely informative to stuff that I’m looking to know. I also mainly spent my week listening to Star Wars audiobooks such as Darth Plagueis, which was a good audiobook. I didn’t entirely do much in terms of work except on Thursday at the class I’m taking at Pratt Institute which is called Star Trek: Technology and Allegory. You really learn a lot about things in Star Trek you never knew unless you look closely enough.

It kinda speaks a lot to the problems of our own culture and the DS9 episode known as Future Tense definitely is perhaps the more well defining episode that speaks to problems we’ve had even since before that episode aired and even to this day. I recommend if anyone were to want to start watching Star Trek, watch that one first. Good plot, good message, good action, good dialogue, fantastic episode all in all.

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