Creed Review (video inside which -could- be a spoiler.)

I got around to seeing another movie as well when I was seeing Star Wars. The movie Creed is a film that takes place after the old Rocky movies but is more so a spin-off than it is continuing Rocky’s own saga. Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky Balboa along with rising actor, Michael B. Jordan plays as Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed. For those who don’t know the Rocky movies, the old Rocky movies followed a boxer in Philly named Rocky Balboa who became a heavy weight champion from street club bum. Apollo Creed was his first real victory in the ring of the actual big leagues who eventually became Rocky’s best friend and even trainer in one film.

The movie Creed follows Adonis as he, like Rocky in his youth was given the opportunity to become a fighter and make a career out of it. Many obstacles stand in Adonis’ way, especially that of the family name of Creed on his shoulders but Rocky Balboa, the aging and retired heavy weight champion, learning that Adonis is a part of Apollo’s bloodline, he takes the responsibility of a trainer to help Adonis get to where he wants, as a favor for his late friend and because he sees greatness in Adonis’ future.

This movie has to be one of my favorite movies that I’ve seen all year. It’s inspirational, dramatic but still has it’s nice moments and nods to the Rocky franchise. The acting is good and it’s nice to see Stallone take the role of Rocky Balboa once again, even if he isn’t doing what Rocky did best in his own movies. Now we see him in the role of his old mentor and now as a mentor for a new rising star whom I gotta say, is a pretty good character and I honestly hope they do more with Creed.

It also had many memorable scenes and actually a pretty great one too. This one is basically when Adonis is training for his big fight and honestly, is among my favorite scenes from this movie. You feel for the character and his struggles, just from the soundtrack alone. It’s a great film and I actually would rate it a 10/10. My girlfriend and I both enjoyed it and if you plan on seeing it, I hope you do too! As for that scene, check it out if you wish!

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