Third Week

This week has been mainly the same except for one part. Monday, I went to the comic book store with Abe and got a couple of graphic novels from there. All three on things I enjoy and they’re a good read. Otherwise, I’ve had a rather lazy week for myself. Nothing much else to say, to be honest.

The Second Week

Not as eventful as the first week but it has been a good week. I went on the Governor’s Island trip with Abby, Abe, Douglas and Taina. Got to explore an old fortress that later on became a prison, having been standing for over two hundred years. It was a rather fun experience and a great day. I also went down to Midtown to check out the Fabric’s store for Comic-Con with Nina and Taina. I found many different choices there and a lot of options are now floating in my head for how I want to go about Comic-Con.

Aside from those two trips, I hung out with the kids at the school and my friends. Hope to see what the next week has to offer me.

This Week And The Week To Come

This week has been busy even for the first week to say the least. Got to meet some of the newer people here and happy to have met them. Especially that they’re here. Since the first day, me and a few others have been working on setting up the Comic-Con trip that is said to happen in the month ahead. Setting up ideas for costumes, what we’re going to do there, how long we are, who’s going, etc. I also attended the trip for MoMath on Thursday. It was a good week to start off and should be interesting to see where the rest of this month/year goes.