Eighth Week

I did quite a bit this week. I went to the comic book store on Wednesday with Abby and Taina and I really had a good time with that (and I regret not bringing any money to buy anything but it was still fun.) Timo started playing The Sims 3 and I was able to answer a lot of his questions and concerns about it. I did the sword fighting tournament on Thursday and I ended up winning and thus winning a free sword. I had a lot of fun this week.

I do however want to take the second paragraph to say that I’m really going to miss Taina at our school. I feel she contributed quite a bit to the community and what we stand for. She had excitable energy when it came to many activities that required one to be open minded and that’s pretty nice to have from people honestly. She was and is also a good friend and I feel in some way, we’re all going to notice her absence. Hope you have fun in Virginia and come back to visit soon, Taina! Won’t be the same without you.

Seventh Week

The main thing I did this week was finally get the trip to Dracula Untold off the ground. The movie was really good and those who went loved it. It took a bit to find the theater and in the rain too but we manage to get there. We all had a rather good time and it was perfectly a nice thing to go and see that day.

I also posted the memes for everyone in the school yesterday as requested. Posted and made, I should say that I did this week.  Other than those two things, nothing new really happened this week. Oh but I do want to say that I do think our visitors this week are a good fit here. Hopefully they’re here to stay.

ALC memes

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Read if you’re willing. Gladly appreciated.

Starting up newer videos later on this year, involving various video games I’ma be playing with my friends group on PSN (playstation network), Steam, etc. And sometimes on my own as well. If anyone perhaps just has any ideas or any particular things they want me to do videos about on my Youtube channel (note; It doesn’t just have to be about video games) then lemme know ASAP. Thank ya. ^_^

Sixth Week

Found myself doing a lot of work on my website here and there, making sure it is up to date and what not. Though the other day, I did go to the Brooklyn Museum with Nina, Abby, and Taina. Was a nice little trip for a day like that, despite me being a bit bored and questioning the sanity of human beings in the Killer Heels exhibit. (and yes, there is an exhibit called that.) Was still nice to join the group since it seemed fair if I had something I wanted to see, could see what they wanted to first.

I also did some more and more planning for the Dracula Untold movie trip. Unfortunately, I did not dig up that much information this week for the movie. Hopefully though I should have it all written down and known next week.

Fifth Week

This week has been rather full and eventful for a four day week here. I  got to go to Muse on Wednesday, where we got to meet and spend quite a bit with two acrobats. Had a lot of fun with Logan, Nina, Abby, Douglas and Taina with that despite the shin splint I had from Monday I believe. Was`fun.

I would’ve gone to Comic-Con this week with the group but I couldn’t find my pass. But it’s okay because I still got to go to Comic-Con the day after that and the others still got to have fun. Not at all upset about that! I will need to spend next week finishing up watching a few things on Netflix and planning a trip to the movies for the school.

Also, for those who may not know, I made a youtube video this week that only took me a few hours. Was not hard to make but it was my test run with a first real video. So, be sure to check it out!

Fourth Week

Nothing much  eventful  happened this week. One thing that did happen this week that I did enjoy though was going to the Natural History Museum on Wednesday. We stayed there for pretty much the entire day and it was fun. Got to see some cool exhibits, small video presentation on the Big Bang Theory, (and no, not the show, the actual theory) and many other things. It was great. Hope to have our trip to Comic Con ready for next week and then afterwards, planning a trip to see the movie, Dracula Untold. Should be a good couple of weeks to follow.