Deadpool review (Spoilers)

Deadpool Review:

What can I say really about this movie? Well it’s based on a comic book anti-hero who is beloved by all sorts of fans around the world, whether or not they’re Marvel or DC fans or neither of the sort. Even simply his design is very iconic. So when people heard this movie was coming out, fans of the merc with the mouth were excited for him coming to the big screen. And as people were a bit on the fence for it’s rating and how much money this may make too, it was a big success for Marvel’s first rated R movie. It broke box office records and probably made the most so far out of all the X-Men movies, selling out in most theaters before the movie even came out.

Surprisingly, this movie did something that most fail to do. When one generally hears of superhero adaptations, the general consensus of audiences who know the character’s lore are for the most part, put off when they see their favorite hero’s origin change. Sometimes differently to the point if you wonder if it’s actually the same character. Now few execute it beautifully, the majority who’ve attempted this generally fall flat on their delivery and receive tons of backlash from die-hard fans or people who just simply think the origin story is just..well, idiotic. However in Deadpool, they did change a big part of Deadpool’s lore which is that Deadpool is the product of the Weapon X program, the same program that X-Men hero, Wolverine is a part of. Ajax (the villain of the movie) also is a scientist  who works for Weapon X, but in this movie, they completely glossed over Weapon X, not even acknowledging it’s existence in the slightest. Even after changing the important parts of his origins except they left in him having cancer and what not, they made his new origins in a way where it A. still worked for the character and actually kept a consistent flow that allowed him to basically stay the same except for a few details that seem minor. B. It did this without actually alienating fans of Deadpool.

The movie follows Wade Wilson, a mercenary/bounty hunter type whom discovers he has final stage terminal cancer. Shocked by this, he goes down to his local bar where he meets a man who gives him the chance to cure his cancer but to also give him powers that would make him quote on quote: “A superhero.” Wilson decides to go through with it, leaving his fiancee behind to cure himself for her. Ajax, the doctor whom is overseeing Wilson’s procedure and is ultimately fed up after being mocked by him, unlocks the mutant gene within Wade and it ends up keeping the cancer at bay with the mutant genes attacking the cancer cells faster than they can replicate but it leaves him scarred and deformed as his skin literally starts to break down and stays in a state of decay. The rest that ensues after, I will let you see the movie yourself to see the rest of the story. But the gist of the plot is essentially a man going out for revenge in a way to fix his deformity to be with a woman he ultimately loves, as he is afraid she’ll see him as some form of monster.

Now this premise I know we’ve all seen before and many are tired with it, but it takes a likable spin on that overused plot I think and starts to write itself as a romance, a comedy, an X-Men movie and in itself obviously, a Deadpool movie. The 4th wall jokes are never old and are used quite cleverly, the majority of the characters are likable and fit together well with their actors, the dialogue is witty and clever with tons of jokes that younger audiences will enjoy if seeing it with a family who likes Deadpool, and the adults will get the obvious sexual innuendos, jokes and references. All of which are extremely enjoyable but that is of course opinion. Ryan Renolds shows once again despite his few minutes in the last film that he can play the role of Deadpool well and that Fox could not have found a better and more talented and passionate actor to play the childhood hero he loves.

What I think is good about this movie too is that in itself, it says something. That some movies are deserving of second chances with the right people in-charge. As I said before, Ryan Renolds played the role of Deadpool once before this film, but it was in a perhaps arguably bad X-Men movie called X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Where he played the infamous merc with the mouth in the beginning without the suit, and was even a part of the Weapon X program. Everything went smoothly so far for the character…and then..

As you can see, the two look nothing alike. Especially seeing as how it’s ironic how his charm comes from his wit, his jokes, and the fact his nickname is the merc with the mouth…How exactly does that work if you close his mouth -SHUT-? And it’s like this for the parts of the movie he’s actually in minus the beginning, especially seeing as how his powers start to include mixes from other X-Men such as Cyclops’ laser eyes, teleportation, dual bladed poles that come out right from his wrists, none of which the actual anti-hero has. So back when that movie came out, they did him a great disservice. So call this Deadpool movie, Fox’s second chance on getting a live adaptation of the character actually right. This time around, I’d say they nailed it beautifully and actually even told Marvel to come out with rated R stuff as long as it’s done right.

Overall, I’d rate the movie a 9/10 and say it’s the best movie I’ve seen at the beginning of 2016. My only problem is with the villains, who in my opinion, Ajax and Angel (as his associate was called) were very weak in terms of actually being the villains for Deadpool. I don’t mean weak in terms of powers or anything like that, but I mean of actual character. Ajax is simply a discontent angry Brit and Angel is just a big strong woman whom I’m not saying is a bad thing at all, but there is no actual character much for her or Ajax. They just fall short on delivery and it hurts the movie a tad bit but only minimal and barely noticeable. But other than that, great movie and if the ending credits scene is to be believed, then I cannot wait for Deadpool 2 when that releases because, now I have faith for all movies Deadpool related as long as Ryan Renolds is involved in it. But for now, X-Men: Apocalypse is the next big X-Men movie coming out in May and I’ll write a review of that when it comes out. But if you’re a fan of the merc with the mouth and want a good laugh, feel free to see it. It’s a great movie and was well worth it to see over Valentine’s Day weekend.

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