Xbox/Playstation Network Merge

The main thing I wanted to talk about this week is something I was hearing roaming around for the past couple of days and have been reading about from various numerous different articles. Apparently the ‘console wars’ might as well be over as Microsoft bowed it’s head to Sony as clearly their console getting more coverage, more publicly-considered ‘better’ games and exclusives, making tons of more money than Microsoft in the console department. Microsoft recently gave Sony a deal detailing that they wanted to merge their networks which would mean if you have a playstation and you wanted to play with someone on an Xbox or vice versa, you most certainly can whenever this is put out. What does that mean for Playstation and Xbox?

Well one, I can certainly say it’s shocking as these companies were competitors in the console department for years now. It’s always been the debate for video gamers for awhile as to which is better. In a way, I see Sony as the victor in this situation. Xbox isn’t making this business deal because why not, but it’s because they know they’re losing to the Playstation in a financial sense across the board. Which would make sense as Playstation and the companies that make games exclusively for the Playstation have prospered just from that venture alone. Since Xbox one’s release, there has not been a single title that has made as much money as any of the Playstation exclusive’s games alone. Which as unfortunate as that is, it clearly shows that the Playstation has been entirely successful  and it makes sense then to share the profit in that, plus you’d be making gamer’s happy.

Two, here’s why this would make gamer’s happy. Because over the years, you have players who have separate opinions on which is the better consoles and with this merge of networks, this means it doesn’t matter what system you have and actually means you can have your personal preference of whichever console between the two and still be able to play a game that is multi-consoled and play with people who play on an entirely different system. It adds a lot more variety to players and more importantly, it increases the size of servers with how many people are on them. Of course, this means many games for multiplayer will have to probably go through optimization changes and what not to make it entirely work. But I think it’s more valuable for the industry and the players. I personally think it benefits everyone if they can actually get this to work.

Even though it’s wishful thinking, this might lead to the end of exclusive games, as at some point with this merge, one might have to ask the question what is the point of exclusives that are heavy on multiplayer play-ability? Because exclusive will just mean it’s bound to one console, which in the end with the merge will mean less players to play the actual game with, and the people with the other console will be without a game. Basically, this may lead to a new way of general thinking for console games and how games are produced for consoles. And I’m completely okay with this.

This is just my general opinion based upon what I’ve heard. And while these are not the entirety of the full details, this is the general gist of it. If you got an opinion on it, feel free to share it. Ik I couldn’t be more happier to hear this being worked on.


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